Apple Junkies #23 “Happy New Year!”


New Apps:

Mega Man X

Zenonia 4

Trenches II

Sonic CD

Grand Theft Auto 3

Whatcha Playing:


Zombie Runaway

Password Plus

Secure+ Password Manager



Action Movie FX

iDesktop Note

Super Food HD



Commander Pixman

Home Run Battle 2



Jailhouse Jack

Oldie But Goodie:


Lose it!


Rotoworld Fantasy News

Listen Here: Episode 23




One response to “Apple Junkies #23 “Happy New Year!”

  1. almost finished with this episode, enjoyed it a lot. not surprised you wound up with 1Password. It’s not cheap, but it’s rock solid, and with Dropbox sync, the 1Password keychain automatically syncs between Mac/PC and iPhone, iPad, etc.

    BTW, that $50 price in the Mac app store isn’t too bad if you have multiple Macs and use it on all of them. It’s not so great if you don’t.

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