Apple Junkies #22 “Welcome to StopLight”

New Apps:

NFL Pro 2012

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies

Infinity Blade II


Whatcha Playing:


Rope Rescue HD

iBoat Racer

Uprising: Veggie Samurai


My Daily Dream Journal-Dream Journal Dictionary 

Listen Here: Episode 22



One response to “Apple Junkies #22 “Welcome to StopLight”

  1. Hey guys, once again nice show and I would like to say the same for benny but I haven’t read the show notes yet…..Congrats on joining the spotlight network, hope that works for ya’s. Been having fun on the poker pals so thanks for the games. Have a great rest of December and look forward to the next show in Jan. Good luck on the new job Benny, and your review on Fanhatten, I give you an 8, maybe 8 (and a Half). Game On. Bill

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