Apple Junkies #15 “Jailbreaking Hipsters”

New Apps:

Spotify (iPhone-Free)

Google+ (iPhone-Free)

Back to the Future HD EP 5 (iPad-$6.99)

SyFy for iPad (iPad-Free)

Tekken Bowling (Universal-Free)

Whatcha Playing:


Tiny Tower (iPhone-Free)

The Blocks Cometh by Halfbot (iPhone-$.99)

Line Birds (iPhone-$.99)

Ultra Deep (iPhone-$.99)

NBA Jam HD (iPad-$4.99)


Cave Dweller (iPhone-$.99)

Soccer Superstars 2011(Universal-Free)

Cave Bowling (Universal-$.99)

Blade Warrior (iPhone-$2.99)

Ninjatown: Trees of Doom (iPhone-$1.99)

Great Little War Game (iPhone-$.99 or iPad $.99) both currently on sale



Meganoid (iPhone-$.99)

Stickman BMX (iPhone-$.99)

Twizshow (Universal-$.99)


Louisville Slugger Homerun Challenge (Universal-Free)

Swords and Soldiers (iPhone-$2.99 or iPad-$4.99)

Kungfu Warrior (Universal-$.99)

Oldie but Goodie

TJ: (iPhone-Free)


Mr.AahH!! (iPhone-$.99)

Listen Here: Episode 15



One response to “Apple Junkies #15 “Jailbreaking Hipsters”

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