Apple Junkies #11 “Boomstick”

New Apps:

THOR: Son of Asgard(Universal-$4.99)

Paper Glider Para Drop (iPhone-Free with in app purchase)

Golden Axe 3 (iPhone-$2.99)

Pizza Hut HD (iPad-Free)

Dofus: Battles (iPhone-$2.99/iPad-$5.99)

Whatcha Playing:


Bee Farm (Universal-$.99 limited time)

Death Rally (Universal-$.99 on sale right now)


Victory March (iPhone-$1.99/iPad-$1.99)

Smoody (iPhone-$.99)

Best Album (iPhone-$.99)



Fahrenheit (Universal-$.99)

Glo Flo (iPhone-$.99 limited time)

Siege Hero (iPhone-$.99)


Chicks vs. Kittens (iPhone-$.99)

Army of Darkness Defense (iPhone-$.99/iPad-$2.99 limited time)

MetalStorm Online (Universal-Free)

Oldie But Goodie:


TipStar (iPhone-Free)


MapQuest 4 Mobile (iPhone-Free)

Listen Here: Episode 11



One response to “Apple Junkies #11 “Boomstick”

  1. I really wish I hadn��t seen this as I really want one now!

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