Apple Junkies #10 “Cute & Little”

New Apps:

HBO Go  (Universal-Free)

NASA Television (Universal-Free)

TextFree for iPad (iPad-Free)

Chinese Checkers (Universal-$1.99)

Birzzle HD (iPad-$1.99)

Piclings (Universal-$.99)

Spider Jack (iPhone-$.99 or iPad-$1.99)

Week Calendar HD (iPad-$2.99)

Archetype Cadet (iPhone-Free or iPad-Free)

Whatcha Playing:


Game Dev Story (iPhone-$3.99)

Clowning-Around (iPhone-Free with in app purchases)

Invaders World Tour 3 (Universal-$1.99)

Crazy Formula (Universal-Free for Limited Time)

Monster Blaster (iPhone-$.99)


My Brute (iPhone-$4.99)

A Mental Mouse (iPhone-$.99)

Operation Wow (iPhone-$.99 or iPad-$1.99)

Berzerk Ball (iPhone-$.99)



Alcatraz Breakout (iPhone-$.99)

Chicken & Egg (Universal-$.99)

Key Ring Reward Cards(iPhone-Free)


Legendary Wars (iPhone-$.99)

Kami Retro (iPhone-$1.99)

Fighting of Sango:Legend of Heroes (iPhone-$.99)

Oldie but Goodie:


ShopShop-Shopping List (Universal-Free)


Survival Guide (iPhone-Free)

Listen Here: Episode 10



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