Apple Junkies #2 “Mic Check 1-2”

New Apps:

Back to the Future (iPad-$6.99)

Direct TV (iPad-Free)

MLB at Bat (iPhone/iPad-$14.99 each)

TowrCraft (iPhone-$.99)

Apache Overkill (iPhone-$.99)

Viking Tales (iPhone-$ .99)

Robosockets (iPhone-$.99)

Zombie Runaway (Universal-$.99)

Starfront:Collision (iPhone-$7.99)

The Blocks Cometh (iPhone-$.99)

Whatcha Playing (TJ):

Super KO Boxing 2 (iPhone-$.99 but free right now)

Silverfish (iPhone-$1.99)

Guerilla Bob (iPhone-$.99)

Fun with Death (iPhone-$.99/iPad-$4.99)

Whatcha Playing (Ben):

Starfront:Collision (iPhone-$7.99)

Kungfu Rush (iPhone-free)

Helmet Hero (iPhone-$.99)

Dino Rush (Universal-$.99)

Reviews (TJ)

Viking Tales (iPhone-$.99)

Robokill (iPhone-$.99/iPad$3.99)

League of Evil (iPhone-$.99)

Reviews (Ben):

Tiny Wings (iPhone-$.99)

Soosiz (iPhone/iPad-$1.99 each)

Stupid Zombies (Universal-$.99)

Oldie But Goodie (TJ):

TuneIn Radio (Universal-$1.99)

Oldie But Goodie (Ben):

Mini Squadron (iPhone-$.99)

Listen Here:  34.5 MB



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